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If you have excess, surplus, liquidated or bankrupt stock. We’ll buy your stock, and pay you within 24 hours. Fill in our form to Initiate the process.

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Amazon inventory liquidators

Who are Amazon inventory liquidators?

Amazon inventory liquidators are people who specifically look out for people with stock from amazon that they need liquidated. This can be because of things like a large order being cancelled, or maybe removing a product from Amazon but still having stock of it left over. This leads to stock that isn’t being sold at all that needs to be. This is why liquidation is a good option, as it allows the business to get products moving that otherwise wouldn’t, and moving in mass as well.

Why should I use Amazon inventory liquidation?

It allows for sellers to have an option for when there’s issues with production, selling, or maybe just wanting to move on to new products. This option is great as it allows a much easier way to get mass stock gone quickly, rather than having to find a unique customer per item. While the product may have to be put at a lower price per unit, this allows the business much more choice on how it gets run and when money comes in.

How should I liquidate my Amazon inventory?

Liquidators are the perfect business to go to for such a thing, as their business model revolves around liquidated stock, allowing you the best opportunities for your Amazon inventory. Pink Liquidation is an amazing option for this, having dealt with liquidating amazon inventory many times and still working with businesses on it to this day. You simply have to press ‘sell your stock’ and fill in the required contact information for us to reach you, and we’ll get to organising a price as soon as possible. Once we’ve agreed to a great price, you’ll need no long agonising drives, simply give us a place to get it from and we’ll be on our way.

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