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UK Amazon Liquidation fee Calculator

This is a free tool for UK amazon sellers who are considering liquidating their Amazon FBA inventory


How to use our Amazon Liquidation fee calculator tool

Step 1: Input your Average unit selling price. This is the average price that you products has sold for on Amazon in the products lifetime.

Step 2: input the total number of units you have.

Step 3: Select wether your item is a standard size, or oversized product, and its weight. The dimensions for standard and oversie are below. Then you will be shown a figuire for the estimated amount Amazon's Liquidation Program will likely pay you.

Why is this an estimation?

Amazon assigns a liquidation value to your stock. This value is usually 80%-95% off your average selling price. However, Amazon do not make how they come up with this figuire public. From this figuire they then deduct the referral fee and the proccessing fee, which they do make public. But because the original liquidation value varies, we can only provide you an estimation.


How much is the Amazon liquidation referral fee?

The referral fee for the Amazon FBA liquidation program is 15% on each item sold through FBA liquidations, which is based on the gross recovery value.

How much is the Amazon liquidation proccessing fee?

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