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To make an accurate decision on your stock, we need to know the following

  • Location of stock

  • Quantities and number of pallets

  • The absolute lowest price you would accept for your stock

  • Detailed description of stock

We'll never share your info with anyone.

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Sell us your stock

Call Danny on 07719067901

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pink liquidation's buyer

Why Sell Your Stock To Pink Liquidation?

  • We pay top prices

  • We can collect and pay for stock within 24 hours of you submitting our form

  • We are fast! Our average response time to your stock sale form is 19 minutes​

  • Established since 2020 we have many channels to sell stock so that it does not affect your distribution channels

  • We are honest, If we don’t think we are the right fit for you, we will suggest alternatives.

Reviews From Sellers

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We Will Probably Buy Your Stock

In 2023:

  • We traded every single category of stock aside from food

  • We bought over £915,000 of stock, no deal is too big for us

  • The smallest deal we bought was £120no deal is too small for us

How it Works

  • Which areas do you buy stock from?
    We mainly buy stock from the UK, but sometimes we will import stock from other countries.
  • Do you really collect in 24hrs?
    Yes, all collections can be made within 24 hours.
  • How much will you pay?
    The price we can pay for your stock depends on a whole range of factors, there is no blanket price. To get an offer on your stock fill out our stock sale form or give us a call/email.
  • What do I have to do?
    For selling stock to us, our only requirement of you is that you make sure somebody is on site for when we arrange collection of the goods.

Have excess stock?

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