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Amazon liquidators

Who are Amazon liquidators?

Amazon liquidators are people who buy or liquidate stock through Amazon. This is done as it has the advantage of having a much larger reach due to it being an online marketplace, and one of the biggest ones as well. It being online makes it much easier for people to visit or upload liquidation stock.

This means that sellers have many more potential customers looking at their stock for liquidation, and because of that buyers are able to find many more sellers who are utilising that bonus, overall giving more and quicker sales for liquidated stock. While this is a good strategy, many people use other sites and locations to sell or buy liquidated stock, as it allows them to find as many people as possible.

Should I only use Amazon?

For the most profitability, no, as some people do not check amazon at all, and sellers often prefer to sell elsewhere due to other places having less fees. Since liquidated stock is often sold at a significantly higher price than regular stock, it’s normally preferred to go somewhere with the lowest fee they can find, since if you have a high fee it’ll take a significant chunk of money compared to something small or a one-off product.

Where should I also sell my amazon liquidation stock?

Liquidators are often the best place to go, as their speciality is with liquidated stock, so they can offer good prices and services for the stock. Pink Liquidation is a good place to go for this, as we have dealt with stock from amazon liquidation previously, and have showcased an ability to get deals done quickly and with great prices. Simply press ‘sell your stock’ and fill in your contact information and we can quickly get in touch to discuss what price and where.

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