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Buy Excess Stock

At Pink Liquidation we Buy and Sell excess stock. If you would like to buy excess stock from us, simply head over to the “Buy our stock” page. If you are looking to sell your excess stock, simply head over to the “Sell your stock” page and fill in the form, we will be in touch quickly!


How do you buy Excess stock?

Simply send Pink Liquidation a message on whatsapp and you will be automatically added to the stock offering list. This means that everytime a new liquidation deal gets sent out to the mailing list, you will be notified. You can find the link to message us on whatsapp under the buy our stock page on our website. We would also love to hear where you currently sell your stock, and what types of stock you sell. As we often offer stock out to people who we think will buy before sending it out to the mailing list.


Excess stock can be really difficult to find, Pink Liquidation makes this easier as we do the sourcing, and offer you the stock at cheaper prices than from traditional wholesalers. Bankrupt stock is a great stock acquisition channel to add to any retail orientated business, with higher profit than regular stock and some of our MOQ’s are relatively small too!


We can add significant profits to your business. In 2023 we charged 12.5% of the online RRP on average, with traditional wholesalers charging 40-60% of RRP, you can see how Pink Liquidation can transform your retail business.


A common misconception is that the products don’t sell, that’s simply not true. A lot of the excess stock that Pink liquidation sells is from people who don’t have the contacts to sell the stock themselves. Some of this stock is in incredibly large quantities, and without the contacts it can be near impossible to sell, and the process of building these contacts is a very lengthy process that takes a lot of work, which most people are not simply willing to do! This is why we can buy perfectly good stock, and distribute it ourselves through our network of: Retailers, Wholesalers and traders!


What kind of brands do Pink Liquidation sell?

Here are some of the brands that Pink Liquidation have sold:

  • Listerine

  • Puma

  • Me To You

  • Panasonic

  • Vicks

  • Scholl

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