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Cancelled order buyers

What are cancelled order buyers?

Cancelled order buyers are people who take up stock created for an order but never shipped out due to them having been cancelled. The cancelled order of stock creates a product that cannot be sold to its intended person, even if its selling point would only work on that one person, like being customly made. This will often mean the business producing the product will have to either keep the product to try to sell it to someone who wants the exact specification again, or sell it to cancelled order buyers. This could be a good strategy for some as the business holding the stock may have sold it as a one-off product or take a long time to produce. This means the buyer of the cancelled order is able to get the product for a lower price than they would find otherwise, as the product doesn’t have the increased value that it did when being created for a certain person. Overall, cancelled order buyers are able to take advantage of the position many businesses fall into, where an order they are ready to ship out gets cancelled, leaving them with a product that will either be hard to sell or have to be sold at a lower price then they originally intended.

How can I sell my cancelled order stock?

As a seller, it can be hard to get a good price from selling your stock, or sell it in the first place, as many cancelled order buyers will try to use this position as a way to get your product much cheaper than what you’d want, but despite the bad situation it can still be done with good profitability if you choose the right business. Stock from cancelled orders can be sold to many types of businesses, retailers, traders, and liquidators are some that are able to take such stock, the choice depends on what type of stock you have from the cancelled order.


Who should I sell my cancelled order stock to?

Cancelled orders of bulk items are especially valuable to liquidators, and you can get a good deal out of selling to them, as you don’t have to worry about the issue of having too much stock as they specialise in taking bulk stock. Selling your stock to Pink Liquidation is a good way to sell cancelled order stock from bulk orders, with a simple and quick way to get in contact with them and great response time to buying the stock off you. Overall, even though you lost the original order, the products that have been created can still be sold with good efficiency, but you have to find the right people to buy your stock, like giving the bulk stock to a liquidator like Pink Liquidation for some good money, even after the loss of the order.

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