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If you have excess, surplus, liquidated or bankrupt stock. We’ll buy your stock, and pay you within 24 hours. Fill in our form to Initiate the process.

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Excess stock buyers

How can I get rid of surplus stock?

Hey there, shoppers! Let's navigate the retail world with a positive outlook. Many businesses often find themselves with a surplus of inventory, a common scenario in the retail hustle. However, the challenge lies in efficiently managing the clearance of stock to prevent any rise in storage costs. Fortunately, we've got a practical solution—we're about to delve into the art of selling surplus stock to excess stock buyers.

What excess stock buyers can I sell to?

So, if you've been pondering the ideal pathway for the clearance of stock, you're in the right store. We're your dependable guides, ready to navigate the journey of inventory liquidation with you. We're open to various surplus stock types, including bankrupt items, damaged goods, closeout inventory, surplus inventory, and, of course, the focal point, clearance of stock! Visualise Pink Liquidation as your go-to excess stock buyer. Our expertise goes beyond just clearing space on the shelves; we specialise in converting damaged goods and excess inventory into valuable assets. Our stellar reputation is grounded in offering competitive prices, providing top-notch customer service, and ensuring a streamlined process for our retail partners.

How can I sell to Pink Liquidation?

Ready to explore the potential of selling your excess inventory with us? Let's take the first step together. Simply fill out the provided contact info form and our team will kickstart the inquiry process upon receiving your email. Don't hesitate to communicate any stock restrictions in the additional notes for a smooth experience with seasoned excess stock buyers.

How do you turn slow moving stock into cash?

Sell it to a liquidation buyer such as Pink Liquidation. This is the fastest and most effective way to turn your slow moving stock into cash. Liquidation buyers such as Pink Liquidation can make a collection of your stock anywhere in the UK within 24 hours.

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