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Factory Clearance

What is factory clearance?

Factory clearance is when the business overseeing a factory deems either products or machinery made or used in the factory unneeded or unprofitable, so uses clearance to earn money off of it. This can happen for many reasons, although the most common ones is that the business has phased out the need for such a method of production or has introduced a new way to make a better product.

The way of doing it depends on what parts are on clearance, things like lots of machinery are often best sold to other larger businesses in the market, and things like mass of products are best sold to liquidators. The choice mostly comes down to what your stock is and how much of it you have.

How can I tell when to use factory clearance?

It’s best used when approaching a point where it can no longer make profit. This is not a fully defined rule though, as other scenarios can lead to clearance being the best option. Some examples are if the business needs to redirect costs into another sector or product, or if the business needs to move location to streamline themselves with their market, or optimise costs.

Where should I go to clear factory items in bulk?

For several different products together, many retailers or traders could be interested in such things, but for bulk of all the same item, liquidators are a good option. Pink Liquidation offers a great way to clear factory products in bulk, all you have to do is press ‘sell your stock’ and fill out some simple contact info and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can. Once we’ve decided the price, we’ll get the stock off of you without you having to take any long drives.

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