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If you have excess, surplus, liquidated or bankrupt stock. We’ll buy your stock, and pay you within 24 hours. Fill in our form to Initiate the process.

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Liquidation Websites UK

What are liquidation websites?


Liquidation websites are websites made for the sales of liquidated stock, acting as a hub to meet people who could either buy or sell liquidated stock to and from you. This is a great option as it’s much easier to find new people compared to something like hosted events and allows far more people to see liquidation stock that’s on sale, making both buying and therefore selling quicker.


Why use liquidation websites?


Being able to access mass amounts of liquidated stock from anywhere gives many abilities to both liquidators and businesses liquidating their stock. Having this available allows you to grab deals before others can as you can access it constantly, and even check your own to see if you need to prepare an order coming in or going out. It also allows businesses to easily direct themselves to their market, as self-owned websites allow you to completely customise to whatever they think their market would want to look at the most. Even when not using your own domain, most websites allow customisability in how you present your liquidation listing.


What websites are best to sell liquidation stock in the UK?


Many websites can work excellently, but which one to go with depends on what you have to sell and what you want out of it. Websites like Jobalot, a fellow UK based liquidator, offer places to sell though auctions, allowing much faster sales, although it’s common to get low value with places like them as the bar is much lower with auctions. For raising that bar, you have to sell directly to a liquidation business yourself. Pink Liquidation recognises this, and gives you the speed of auctions with the price of regular sales. For liquidating your stock in the UK, simply press ‘sell your stock’, fill in some simple contact details, and we can get to organising your price with you. Even once the price has been sorted, we still offer some of the fastest service, as we can pick up your stock within 24 hours of the price being finalised.

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