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If you have excess, surplus, liquidated or bankrupt stock. We’ll buy your stock, and pay you within 24 hours. Fill in our form to Initiate the process.

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Overstock Buyers

At Pink Liquidation we are the Overstock Buyers that you need. We are fast, like really really fast. We make collections within 24 hours. Simply head over to the “Sell your stock” page, and fill in the stock sale form. We buy most types of stock, so we will most likely be interested in buying your stock today.


What is an overstock buyer?

An overstock buyer is a person or business that buys overstocked products. Overstocked products are specifically those where a business or peron has been supplied more than they actually needed. Resulting in an overstock buyer being needed to clear the stock.


The term "Overstock Inventory Buyer" pertains to goods that remain unsold at the conclusion of a season or sales cycle. Despite being brand new and in impeccable condition, these items need to be cleared from the store to accommodate the arrival of the next season's products. Numerous retailers opt to liquidate their surplus inventory through bulk auctions, where they sell pallets or even entire truckloads of high-quality products at substantial discounts.


The type of businesses that usually get overstocked products are retailers and wholesalers. This is because they may accidentally over order, without realising they still have plenty of stock on their floor. 

Overstock can be solved by an overstock buyer such as Pink Liquidation. Pink Liquidation can come in and make you an offer for your stock, if you accept they can then make collections anywhere in the UK within 24 hours. Pink Liquidation is the UK’s premiere overstock buyer. 


Selling overstock to an overstock buyer has many benefits. The main one is pace. Many retailers are tight on space, so a large overstock can cause issues. This could prompt the retailer to call in an overstock buyer such as Pink Liquidation, to take all of the stock away and redistribute it.


How do I sell my overstock?

The overstock buyer - Pink Liquidation - will buy your overstock. In order to sell to them you need to head over to the stock selling form on the “sell your stock” page. From here, simply put all the details you can think of on the form, and wait for a response. Responses are typically made within an hour, but vary.

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