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11 Proven tips and tricks to increase sales on eBay

Updated: Jan 7

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"11 Proven tips and tricks to increase sales on eBay"

11 Proven Tips To Increase Your eBay Traffic

The eBay algorithm rewards 8+ Images

Images are crucial on Ebay; consumers buy with their eyes. 9 times out of 10, a potential buyer is going to judge your product on the image before even glancing at the description. Moreover, the Ebay algorithm favours more images, so you should be putting at least 8 images up, ideally more, if you want to see more traffic and sales.

Unique images help stand out from the crowd

It is crucial that you stand out from the rest. More eyeballs means more sales. If most sellers are using the same stock images you want to ensure that your images are unique and attract more attention by having your own photos/own edited images. Investing in a professional photography setup would be a great idea. If you’re on a budget, however, you’re able to create a decent setup with just £30; second hand box lights, backdrops (black, white & artificial turf) and a phone camera will instantly level up your images, and are more likely to look much more professional and easy on the eye than most posts on Ebay.

Build trust with images

An image can tell a thousand words. Not only is it the focal point of your post for buyers, it can contain more information that they need to know than your description can. A mobile description has a limit of 800 characters, so make sure your images hold a lot of detail. Every Ebay shopper will see vague and limited image as questionable - if a seller appears to be leaving detail out, it creates the impression of a product that may be low in quality. Ensure your images are detailed so your buyers are left with zero unanswered questions.

If a buyer has any questions from your description, they will just not buy

Do not dismiss the importance of a description. Yes, your images are your selling point, but do not leave anything out of your description. A potential buyer will need to know every detail about your product before buying, so be sure that they can receive this from your description. If the buyer has any questions about your product, because you haven’t added enough detail from your description or images, they will just simply not buy.

Buy your time back

Outsourcing is crucial for developing a business. Your time is incredibly valuable. Why spend your time creating listings when you can train a VA to create drafts for you? You can then check and publish these drafts, saving you time and energy to utilise on other tasks with higher ROI’s EG sourcing. Not only does this help you develop your business, but there are always people looking to develop new skills. Find a motivated person looking to learn, and the mutual benefits are endless. Alternatively, you can pay for a dedicated Ebay lister. Either way, you have now created time for you to develop your eBay business, find new products and create new sales!

eBay rewards consistency

Try to put up new listings every day. Ebay rewards highly active accounts with better reach, hence more eyeballs on your products and more potential buyers. The key is to think like a buyer. Think about how your buyer is likely to search - how would you be searching? What are the keywords that you would be looking for? Do not overload your titles and descriptions with irrelevant words and phrases, this will lose the attention of your potential buyers.

Stock rotation for the algorithm

Be sure to pay attention to your non-selling listings. These hurt your overall account health. Remove them. If you’ve got listings selling too slowly or not at all, liquidate these. As the eBay algorithm lowers sellers listings if they have got lots of non-sellers.


Promote your listings. Would you rather £1000 revenue and £400 profit? Or perhaps, £2000 revenue and £700 profit? If the latter sounds more appealing to you, promotion is essential. Note, this does incur a fee, the amount of which you can choose, but your items will sell out much faster, ensuring more yearly profits for you, from higher turnovers and faster repurchases. As long as your costs are lower than your profit, then paying for things like promotions will always benefit you greatly, and your business will continue to grow.

Buyers expect free shipping. Ship fast and free. The modern world is brimming with consumers that have become accustomed to this. The online shopping boom of 2020 has resulted in free shipping becoming widely offered and much more preferential. If you do not provide it, buyers will look elsewhere. It’s readily available to them! Build this into the price of your item, and you are making yourself more money.

Make more profit by utilising discounts correctly

Discounts! This word alone is ridiculously attractive to buyers. However, offering discounts does not have to mean losing money. You will have products that you can fit two of into one postage, so utilise this. Offer your potential buyers a bulk discount equivalent to 1/3 the postage cost. Consumers will pay more money in order to receive a discount and your profit per product goes up as well as revenues, giving you more money to spend with other wholesalers uk on liquidation pallets uk; a discount feels good to a consumer, despite the fact they are actually spending more, so this is a great way to make more money whilst remaining highly appealing.

Key Consideration

Ebay is a price game! The lowest price wins…most of the time. Price your products competitively. Do not copy other mediocre listings, you will see mediocre results. Stand out and offer good prices, and you will do well!

In summary the 11 proven ways to increase your eBay traffic are:

  • The eBay algorithm rewards 8+ Images

  • Unique images help stand out from the crowd

  • Build trust with images

  • If a buyer has any questions from your description, they will just not buy

  • Buy your time back

  • eBay rewards consistency

  • Stock rotation for the algorithm

  • Utilise promotions

  • Fast n free shipping wins

  • Make more profit by utilising discounts correctly.

  • The lowest price usually wins

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