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How to sell your excess stock to pink liquidation

Updated: Jan 7


Business owners often grapple with the challenge of moving surplus stock, finding themselves stuck with excess inventory that can be difficult to sell, or is not as profitable as some of their other lines. When the best-selling items have flown off the shelves, and less desirable products linger in the warehouse, it's time to explore alternative solutions. One highly effective option is selling surplus stock to liquidation companies like Pink Liquidation, providing a swift capital turnover and a solution to excess stock challenges.

What’s the process for selling your Excess stock?

Step 1: Acknowledge the Surplus Stock Challenge

The initial step involves recognizing that you have a surplus stock issue. If traditional retail avenues have proven insufficient, Pink Liquidation can be a valuable solution. This option is ideal for those seeking to clear space rapidly, having exhausted other selling options, facing sudden liquidation needs, or simply looking to divest themselves of surplus stock.

Step 2: Complete the Online Form for Selling Inventory

Visit the dedicated "Sell Your Inventory" page on Pink Liquidation's website and complete a straightforward form with your details and comprehensive information about the surplus stock you want to sell. Providing in-depth details expedites the decision-making process. Crucially, share your lowest acceptable price to receive a prompt response.

Step 3: Await a Swift Response

Following the form submission, Pink Liquidation typically responds within an hour, providing a decisive yes or no on your stock or requesting additional information as needed.

Step 4: Efficient Collection Arrangements

Upon agreement on your minimum price, Pink Liquidation swiftly arranges for the collection of surplus stock from your location to theirs. The method and carrier for collection depend on various factors, including the stock's location, quantity, and preferences of both parties. In some cases, the seller may coordinate the collection to align with their convenience. This depends on a case-by-case basis

Step 5: Quality Check and Prompt Payment

Upon receipt of your excess inventory, Pink Liquidation conducts a thorough quality check and manifest. Once satisfied, they promptly process payment, typically within 24 hours for larger sales and even faster for smaller ones.

Why Choose Pink Liquidation for Selling Excess Stock?

Warehouse Capacity

Pink Liquidation boasts ample warehouse space, distinguishing it from other middlemen who do not have warehouse space and who may struggle to find suitable buyers in a suitable fashion, if they can find any buyers at all. 

Straightforward Transactions

As Pink Liquidation purchases all of its stock, decision-making is streamlined, eliminating the need for protracted negotiations with multiple parties. 

Rapid Processing

Expect a response within an hour of submitting the form, with collection arrangements made within 24 hours anywhere in the UK and 12 hours south of Leeds when needed. 

Weekend Responsiveness

Pink Liquidation prioritises responsiveness, ensuring that stock inquiries receive prompt attention even on weekends!

Why shouldn’t you choose pink liquidation?

Retail avenues to sell stock

If you have other avenues for your stock that work for that specific category, such as a retail shop and e-commerce shop or any other suitable channel. Pink Liquidation may not be the best choice for you, as we can not pay as much as these channels.

Not the right fit

Pink Liquidation is more set out to provide services to people who value their space and are looking to put more profitable products into their existing space. And do this very very quickly. 


For business owners seeking an efficient and streamlined solution to surplus stock challenges, Pink Liquidation presents a compelling option. Our straightforward process, commitment to rapid turnaround times, and ample warehouse capacity make us an attractive choice for those looking to optimise their space.

To explore this strategic approach to selling excess stock further, click here.

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