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Selling your Unwanted Stock in the UK

Many companies end up with unwanted stock that either doesn't sell or sells at too low of a price. Leaving you with pesky unwanted stock!

When Should I Consider my Stock Unwanted?

Factor to consider are things like storage costs, how often it sells, and what kind of stock it is taking the space of (oppurtunity cost). Overall, you need to work out the revenue the stock will bring in, compared to the cots of holdings the goods. When figuring out the cost, it doesn’t have to be just money, keeping stock takes up storage space that more valuable stock could replace, indirectly losing you money by not being able to keep valuable stock due to unwanted stock.

Where can I Sell Unwanted Stock?

Many places are great for unwanted stock, but they all have unique ups and downs, to decide which one you want, you have to consider if you prefer speed or money.


Probably the most common place to sell unwanted stock is a marketplace, it could be an online marketplace like a retailing website, or in person like a car boot sale, and they’re common practice for a reason. Marketplaces are a good way to sell stock because you can sell stock without having to actively market it youreself, giving you an eay way to move excess stock. For regular stock, that you can sit on, this is a good idea, but for unwanted stock it’s often not fast enough.


This is where we get into good, speedy routes for your unwanted stock. Auctions are a good venue for your unwanted stock as there are many places that host auctions with many people looking to take bulk stock, which would fit very well onto your unwanted stock. There is a problem with auctions though, two main things.

The first is that there’s no guarantee on the price you get, many people set the price floor either too low or too high. Too low, and there’s a good chance you don’t get what you want from your stock, if there aren't enough of the right types of people bidding. Too high, and we get brought to our second problem of there being a good chance people aren’t interested in your stock.

While there’s a much bigger chance than marketplaces that people buy it, there’s still no guarantee that it’ll be bought, somebody may just simply not bid. Overall, it’s a good tool but you want to have it as more of a second chance for your unwanted stock.

Liquidation Companies

Lastly, Liquidation Companies. These companies are the fastest on the list, and they can buy your stock the next day! You may want to go to a stock liquidation company as they have expertise in dealing with mass stock so can apply themselves well to unwanted stock. At Pink Liquidation, we know that you want your stock gone quickly and we’re committed to get that done faster than any other liquidator can. We are the only liquidators to guarantee that we can pick up your stock within 24 hours of the price being agreed upon, and have been doing it since 2020. We can assure you that by the time we have apicked up your stock, other companies would only just have responded back to you for the first time. To get in touch now, simply press ‘sell your stock’ and fill in our stock sale form.

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