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Top 19 UK Liquidation and bankruptcy auctions

Liquidation and Bankruptcy auctions are designed to move large volumes of goods fast. These goods are usually from a business going out of business, and are usually sold off via either an online auction platform, or an in-person bidding auction. If you are looking for Liquidation Stock To buy, this blog gives you the names of the best places!

Top 19 Liquidation and Bankruptcy auctions 

BPI Auctions

BPI, established in 2010, facilitates commercial asset transactions for businesses, offering solutions for buying and selling assets efficiently. With tailored disposal services, they manage the entire selling process, connecting buyers and sellers through their innovative timed auction platform. Renowned for their industry expertise and straightforward approach, BPI is a trusted partner for businesses seeking fast and hassle-free asset disposal.

Liquidation Auctions UK

With auction houses based in: London, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol, Liquidation Auctions UK is an outlet for businesses to move large quantities of goods quickly and efficiently. 

John Pye

John Pye Auctions, the UK’s largest auction house network, boasts an extensive stock and asset selection for the secondary market. Originating from humble beginnings in the 1960s, the business has flourished under the leadership of the founder's descendants, expanding into diverse markets including probate, insolvency, retail, vehicles, property, and luxury assets. 

NCM Auctions

NCM Auctions is an industry-leading asset valuation and auctioneering company, offering comprehensive services to organisations globally. Their expertise lies in saving costs, generating income, and promoting sustainability through asset disposal and reuse. Founded in 2012, NCM Auctions has evolved into a market-leading industrial auctioneer, forging partnerships with diverse sectors like government, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and more, while serving a broad range of buyers, from SMEs to charities. 

William George

William George is dedicated to revolutionising the auction experience, prioritising fun and fairness for all participants. With a team of eleven individuals, they strive to curate diverse auctions and deliver exciting content, aiming to make the process enjoyable whether browsing, buying, or selling. Setting themselves apart by offering 0% seller commission from day one, William George ensures sellers receive 100% of the hammer price, while buyers access exceptional deals without inflated fees. 


Specialising in electrical recycling, the company collects a wide range of equipment, from IT and broadcasting to manufacturing and customer returns. Their IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process ensures secure and environmentally friendly disposal of no-longer-needed IT equipment, with over 30 years of industry expertise ensuring compliance


B-Stock stands as the largest network of B2B liquidation marketplaces, linking returned, overstock, and new-condition inventory from major retailers and manufacturers, including nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers, directly to business buyers.

Bloomfield Auctions

Bloomfield Auctions, established for over 40 years, is a leading auction house renowned for its expertise in Jewellery & Watches, Estates, Military & Police Items, Coins & Banknotes, and more. 

Wilsons Auctions

Founded in 1936 by William J Wilson and now helmed by his son Ian Wilson, Wilsons Auctions has evolved into the largest independent auction company in the UK and Ireland. With nineteen sites across both countries, they offer national coverage and conduct over 3100 auctions annually, 

1ST Machinery

Owned by two leading UK used machine tool dealerships, Percy Martin Ltd and Craig Strong Ltd, 1st Machinery Auctions Ltd offers a vast selection of over £1 million worth of used machine tools in their heated workshops spanning over 2000 Sq Metres. With a combined 130 years of global trading experience and an annual turnover of approximately £10 million.

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor Auctioneers specialises in researching, evaluating, and recommending sales opportunities to maximise asset value for clients. With a commitment to quick, professional, and personable management of the sales process, they ensure clients achieve maximum asset realisation.

Shepherds Auctions

Shepherds Auction House values lasting partnerships with vendors, providing services to streamline stock clearance while safeguarding brand integrity and boosting revenue. Committed to sustainability, they play a pivotal role in the circular economy by recycling end-of-life products and minimising landfill waste, finding new homes for over 100k items annually. 

Sweeney Kincaid

Established in 1991, Sweeney Kincaid specialises in the sale of industrial, commercial, and business assets, vehicles and equipment.

Apex Auctions

Headquartered in Brighton (UK) with a global network of offices spanning Europe, the USA, Canada, India, South Africa, China, and Hong Kong, this company boasts expert agents and valuation teams strategically positioned in major industrial areas worldwide. 

Hilditch Group

With a foundation in pioneering the used medical equipment industry, the Hilditch Group was established by Mike and Nicky Hilditch in 1990. Expanding operations across Europe in 2017, they now lead the resale process for redundant, surplus, and decommissioned medical equipment for healthcare organisations worldwide.

Kerry Taylor Auctions

Established in 2003, Kerry Taylor Auctions is the world's leading auction house specialising in vintage fashion, fine antique costume and textiles.

Asset Sales

Aset Sales provides comprehensive auction services, including outright purchase options where sellers receive cash upfront upon agreeing to terms. They also offer guaranteed participation, ensuring a specified amount with proceeds split over that sum plus expenses.

Barry Hawkins

Barry L Hawkins, a family-run business since 1850, takes pride in offering comprehensive auction and valuation services alongside expert rural services and land and property agencies. Committed to excellence, their dedicated team ensures every client receives the highest level of professional service and support, maintaining standards of excellence in every auction and valuation.

Argos Clearance

Argos clearance, a division of one of the UK's largest non-food retail chains, offers internet auctions for pallets of stock, including graded and returned items. As a leading retailer in toys, small electrical appliances, DIY, gardening, electronics, and furniture, Argos Trade Clearance provides a unique opportunity for buyers to bid on a variety of products.


Why are Liquidation and Bankruptcy auctions needed?

Liquidation and Bankruptcy auctions are needed as they’re an incredibly fast way to sell off stock quickly and efficiently. These types of speeds can not be seen elsewhere other than by selling to a liquidation company. There are usually a lot of retailers looking for Liquidation Stock for sale, so always somebody to sell liquidation stock to!

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