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Top 9 Places To Buy Overstock

Buying overstock is a great way to add a new avenue of highly profitable products, if you know what you’re doing. A lot of the time, products become overstock not because of the product itself, but the businesses distribution. For example, for one retail business, plain mugs may be an incredibly slow seller! But those mugs could be in huge demand for a mug printing company. Businesses often need to sell overstock inventory, meanining you can profit. But… you need to know what you’re doing, otherwise you will get burnt.

Pink Liquidation

Pink Liquidation’s overstock buyer program offers overstock buyers great options. These deals are in very large qty, and best suited for large chain retailers and wholesalers to buy.

Pink Excess Stock B2B Marketplace

Pink Excess Stock B2B Marketplace is a great choice for online retailers, carbooters and independent shops. Profitable products are sold in “Job Lots”, usually ranging between £50-£999 per joblot. The platform sells most categories, but you need to be fast, they sell out very quickly! Make sure you have joined the stock mailing list so you don’t miss out.


Established in 2017 and headquartered in Blanchemaille by Euratechnologies, Stocklear operates as a B2B marketplace solution specializing in overstocks. With over 12,500 buyers already on board, they provide a platform for efficient selling/buying of overstock inventory.


Marthill stands as a global leader in supplying overstock and returned high street merchandise, offering a diverse range of products sourced directly from major catalogues and high street stores. With individual job lots spanning clothing, electronics, furniture, toys, and more, Marthill's pallets present varied opportunities for retailers, exporters, and wholesalers to capitalise on superb margins. Backed by years of experience and bulk buying power, Marthill provides fast and efficient worldwide delivery services, catering to diverse customer needs without minimum order quantities.


Jobalots, a UK-based company featured on Channel 4's Bidding Wars, specializes in trade-to-trade job lot pallets, wholesale, clearance, surplus, and overstock items. Operating across three warehouses spanning over 50,000 sq/ft, Jobalots offers competitive prices and efficient delivery, facilitated by strong relationships with logistics companies. Their broad product range caters to traders, marketplace sellers, eBayers, and car booters, providing opportunities for competitive margins and bargain deals. 


Merkandi is a leading international wholesale trading platform facilitating connections between buyers and sellers worldwide of overstock. Founded to offer flexible B2B and B2C trading solutions, Merkandi promotes transparency and honesty in business relations, fostering stability and growth for clients. 


B-Stock operates with a mission centred on recognizing the value and demand for returned, excess, and liquidation inventory, regardless of category, condition, or location. 


Daegon offers efficient, fast, and upfront payments, providing a professional and global service to manufacturers and retailers for surplus inventory. With extensive warehousing and shipping capabilities, they facilitate swift transactions for both small and large consignments, aiming for long-term partnerships with their clients while prioritising convenience and respect in every interaction.

Discount house

Discount House is the UK's premier wholesalers specialising in end-of-line, excess, refurbished, disposable, and untested returns stocks. With convenient online purchasing available 24/7, they provide unparalleled access to a wide range of inventory options for retailers and businesses.

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