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What alternatives are there to liquidating Amazon inventory?

Updated: Feb 17

The two ways to liquidate amazon inventory are: Amazon liquidation program and third party liquidators. In this blog we are going to explore third party liquidators.

Why would somebody use a FBA liquidation company?

Amazon is known to pay really really low rates when selling through the Amazon FBA liquidation program. They will pick a liquidation value between 5-20% of the average selling prices, and they will then deduct a referral fee and a processing fee from the liquidation value. This leaves Amazon FBA sellers looking for more, and turning to a FBA liquidation company. The seller will have their stock shipped directly to the FBA liquidation company from Amazon’s FBA warehouse, often getting more for their stock than Amazon’s liquidation program.

We have a free Amazon FBA Liquidation Calculator tool on our website, you can access that by clicking here.

As an example of what you can estimate Amazon will pay you, we ran an experiment with 1000 units of a product that has an average selling value of £15, and these were the results we got.

Unlike Amazon’s FBA liquidation program, FBA liquidation company will tell you exactly how much they’re willing to pay, whereas Amazon’s FBA program will leave you in the dark about how much they’ll actually pay you until after you have requested to liquidate the products.

What Is A FBA liquidation company?

A FBA liquidation company is just like Amazon’s liquidators, however they are not linked to Amazon. They will buy up goods in bulk, to then redistribute within their own distribution network.

Selling To a FBA liquidation company

At Pink Liquidation, we are a FBA liquidation company who helps Amazon FBA sellers liquidate their Amazon FBA Inventory. The process to sell to us is super simple, all you need to do is fill out the stock sale form on our sell your stock page click here

Once you have submitted the form, we will be in touch with you very quickly. As of writing our average response time to stock sale forms is 19 minutes, unlike other liquidators who you won’t hear from for 24-48 hours.

How much is the amazon removal fee?

If you decide to have your Amazon FBA Inventory sent back to you, Amazon will charge you £0.45 - £10.01+ , depending on the item's weight. View the full removal fee table here.

What is liquidate Amazon inventory?

FBA Liquidations is a special Amazon program to help FBA sellers get value back from customer returns and extra stock. It's been really helpful for sellers because they don't have to keep paying storage fees for excess inventory that isn’t selling well and are just sitting in Amazon's warehouses.

How long does Amazon FBA removal take?

How long does it take for Amazon to handle my FBA removal request? Usually, it takes about 14 business days, but it might change depending on the quantity of items you want to remove. Can I cancel an FBA removal request? Yup, if Amazon hasn't started working on it yet, you can cancel.

What is Amazon Disposal?

When a customer returns an item that can't be sold, you have the option to request Amazon to send it back to you, with a charge per unit. This is advisable so you can inspect the inventory and attempt to resell it. Alternatively, you can ask Amazon to dispose of the inventory for a small fee per unit.

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