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What Pink Liquidation Offers

Pink Liquidation is a great place for everything related to liquidating stock, if you’re buying or selling we have something for you. We are one of the fastest growing stock liquidators in the UK, and we show no signs of stopping any time soon.

What Do You Offer?

Here at Pink Liquidation, we pride ourselves on giving out customers the best options on liquidating their inventory and making it as easy as possible, and to prove it we will go over just some of the things we offer to you by using us to sell your liquidation stock.

We’re the Fastest in the Business

We prioritise speed more than any other stock liquidator you could find. Compared to others, by the time you’ll get your inventory picked up with us you’d only just hear back from another stock liquidator.

Pickup Within 24 Hours

After agreeing to a price, we can get to you for picking up your stock within 24 hours. This lets you not have to worry about costs of moving the stock and ensures you can make room for new products quickly.

Where do you Operate?

Being a UK based company, we work primarily within the UK, and we will be able to reach you from any part of the UK. We can still do deals from outside of the UK, but due to shipping costs it’s unlikely for a deal like that to work most of the time.

What Stock do you Take?

We pride ourselves on how we’ll take any stock off of you, the only exception to the rule is food stock but anything else and we’re happy to arrange it with you for a great price. Have it be end of line stock, excess stock, bankrupt stock, we’ll take it all off you quicker than anyone else could.

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