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Where can I find UK/EU wholesale buyers?

Top 26 places to find wholesale buyers UK

Pink Liquidation

Established in 2020, Pink Liquidation is a wholesale buyer in the UK. They buy the majority of categories. Selling your stock to Pink Liquidation is simple. Simply head over to the sell your stock form by clicking here. Fill out your details and the stock details. Then sit back and wait for your response.

Pink Liquidation responds to your stock sale form within 47 minutes on average. 


Established in 2011, TopTenWholesale stands out as a contemporary and forward-thinking B2B marketplace facilitating connections between trade buyers and reputable wholesalers based in the United States. It is under the ownership of JP Communications Inc, the same entity that owns trusted by millions of retailers, chain stores, dropshippers, as well as numerous eBay and Amazon sellers worldwide, TopTenWholesale has become a go-to platform.

The platform offers various features such as complimentary video tutorials, options for product requests and alerts, a community forum, and a comprehensive trade show directory. In addition to its primary function of linking retailers with US-based wholesalers, TopTenWholesale extends its services to include custom sourcing, warehouse fulfilment, and broker services, among others.

Key features of TopTenWholesale:

  • Rapidly expanding database of verified US-based wholesalers.

  • Extensive array of brand-name and high-quality products.

  • Utilised by millions of retailers and online sellers globally.

  • Ability to post unique buying requests and offers to suppliers.

  • Tailored services like custom sourcing, warehousing, and broker assistance.

  • Access to a curated list of upcoming and popular US trade shows.

  • Implementation of a unique supplier verification and pass program.

Wholesalers 4u

With a decade of expertise and a client base exceeding 50,000, Wholesalers 4u stands as a leading online wholesale directory showcasing a multitude of reliable suppliers from around the world. The Wholesalers 4u website is engineered for efficiency and reliability, boasting a user-friendly design with over 70 popular categories spanning jewellery, gifts, toys, tools, pet supplies, and more.

Key features of Wholesalers 4u:

  • Over 50,000 users and a decade of industry experience.

  • Extensive array of global suppliers offering direct trade prices.

  • Streamlined website with easy navigation across 70+ top categories.

  • In-built contact forms facilitating direct communication.

  • Comprehensive supplier details, including physical addresses.

This platform empowers buyers to swiftly connect with reputable wholesale companies, all without incurring any fees or commissions.

As the premier business-to-business liquidation marketplace in North America, we showcase an extensive array of auctions, encompassing bulk lots, small lots, and one-off job lots across over 50 categories. Secure substantial discounts ranging from 70% to 90% below retail prices on a diverse range of branded, high-quality goods, spanning electronics, clothing, jewellery, housewares, and tools.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central serves as a free online trade directory designed to connect users with US-based manufacturers, wholesalers, and dropshipping suppliers. Boasting a straightforward and user-friendly interface, the platform offers swift access to a diverse array of categories, exclusive deals, and closeout offers, making it an ideal choice for traders seeking reliable wholesalers in the US.

Key features of Wholesale Central:

  • Over 1000 trusted US-based wholesalers and manufacturers.

  • Comprehensive supplier contact information and website links.

  • Access to exclusive wholesale deals and closeout offers.

  • Curated list of the most popular and trustworthy suppliers for streamlined options.

  • Capability to post custom wholesale buying requests.

  • Endorsement by Forbes Magazine, solidifying its position as a leader in the wholesale sourcing market.

  • Simple and easy-to-navigate website interface.


eSources stands as one of the United Kingdom's largest online directories, featuring over 300,000 wholesalers, manufacturers, and dropshipping suppliers from the UK, along with a continuously expanding database of over 200,000 international sources. Known for its user-friendly interface, eSources offers an extensive selection of quality suppliers. While free access is available to a limited number, premium membership options, starting at a low fixed monthly fee of £20.00, provide full and unrestricted access to the platform's comprehensive resources.


Tradeeasy is a rapidly expanding online directory featuring prominent wholesalers and manufacturers based in China. With a diverse range of thousands of products spanning over 10 categories, Tradeeasy simplifies the process of finding a suitable wholesale company. The platform offers the added convenience of posting custom buying requests.

Key features of Tradeeasy:

  • Thousands of products available across more than 10 main categories.

  • A vast network of leading Chinese wholesale suppliers.

  • Access to exclusive selling offers and a curated list of best-selling products.

  • Comprehensive company information, including contact details, to facilitate direct communication.

  • The option to post custom buying requests directly to suppliers.

With over 500,000 buyers and a network of over 10,000 trusted suppliers, Tradeeasy has earned the trust of users as their preferred wholesale trading platform.


SaleHoo stands as one of the largest premium wholesale directories online, featuring an extensive network of over 8,000 suppliers. This sizable pool of pre-vetted suppliers covers nearly every major category, offering buyers abundant choices. Additionally, SaleHoo offers a wealth of free guides and tutorials, providing valuable resources for newcomers to enhance their online selling skills. Beyond serving as a wholesale directory, SaleHoo grants full access to an innovative market research and niche finder lab.


Alibaba, a pioneer in the B2B trading landscape since its establishment in 1999, stands as one of the largest online directories, boasting over 8 million active suppliers and an impressive estimated 16 billion monthly users. Recognised as a foundational platform in the realm of wholesale directories, Alibaba is often considered the originator of this industry.

Key attributes of Alibaba:

  • More than 8 million leading China wholesalers and manufacturers.

  • A vast array of quality products available at factory-direct prices.

  • Customization options, including private labelling, catering to diverse business needs.

  • Trusted by millions of global buyers and retailers, solidifying its status as an industry giant.

  • Over 20 years of invaluable experience in the wholesale market.

  • Availability in more than 190 countries worldwide.

  • Facilitating over 100,000 messages exchanged between buyers and suppliers daily.

  • Encompassing 40+ major categories, ranging from electronics to apparel.

The Wholesaler UK

Established in 1999, The Wholesaler stands as one of the United Kingdom's most dependable and reputable online wholesale directories. It prides itself on featuring a thoughtfully curated network of UK-based wholesalers spanning every major category, from jewellery to fashion accessories, homeware, electronics, and giftware. The Wholesaler assures access to trustworthy and reliable suppliers across various industries.

Key features of The Wholesaler:

  • The UK's most trusted online wholesale directory, boasting a legacy since 1999.

  • A substantial network of fully vetted and reliable suppliers.

  • Over 50 main categories available for seamless browsing.

  • Comprehensive supplier details, including company address, minimum order values, and target markets.

  • Built-in contact form and phone numbers for direct communication with suppliers.

  • A simple and user-friendly website interface, ensuring ease of navigation.

  • Access to a list of upcoming trade shows for additional networking opportunities.


Established in 2004, DHgate stands as one of the largest business-to-business marketplaces and online trading platforms in China. Boasting an extensive inventory of over 32 million products sourced from more than 2 million leading Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers, DHgate caters to those seeking low-cost products in bulk. The platform's appeal lies in its factory-direct prices and a distinctive buyer protection program, earning the trust of over 31 million global buyers who rely on DHgate as their primary sourcing platform.

Key features of DHgate:

  • Over 32 million low-cost wholesale products with tiered bulk discounts.

  • A network of 2 million leading China-based wholesalers and manufacturers.

  • Access to local suppliers with warehouses in the US, UK, or EU for expedited shipping.

  • A curated list of best-selling and most popular items for informed purchasing decisions.

  • A robust buyer protection program ensures guaranteed refunds for added peace of mind.

  • Regular flash deals or offers presenting substantial discounts.

Wholesale Clearance

Wholesale Clearance is a cutting-edge online wholesale marketplace and auction website specialising in sourcing liquidated, bankrupt, and surplus stock from UK-based suppliers. Tailored to cater to diverse needs, the platform offers a plethora of exclusive wholesale deals, including bulk lots, small lots, and one-off job lots. It caters to a wide audience, including small retailers, eBay sellers, market traders, car booters, and local independent stores.

Key features of Wholesale Clearance:

  • Trusted UK wholesale marketplace and auction website.

  • Exclusive offers in the form of bulk lots, small lots, and one-off job lots.

  • Ideal for small retailers, eBay/Amazon sellers, and various independent businesses.

  • A vast range of high-quality brand-name products.

  • No minimum order requirements or sign-up fees, promoting accessibility.

  • Recognized and featured on prominent UK platforms such as Digital Spy, BBC, and ITV.

  • Winner of the Best Website Award by UK wholesale forums.

  • Demonstrated success with an annual turnover exceeding £2.5 million in 2011 and a dedicated team of over 15 staff members.

Global Sources

Global Sources stands as a prominent B2B marketplace and product sourcing website, connecting global buyers with reliable and cost-effective suppliers primarily in Asia. With an extensive user base exceeding 1.5 million buyers, including some of the world's largest retailers and prominent Amazon sellers, Global Sources has solidified its reputation as a trustworthy and dependable sourcing platform.

Key features of Global Sources:

  • A vast network of low-cost suppliers in Asia and beyond, offering a diverse range of products.

  • Trusted by leading global retailers and Amazon sellers, attesting to its reliability in the industry.

  • Millions of high-quality products available for buyers to choose from.

  • Capability to post buying requests for custom quotations or offers, enhancing flexibility.

  • Host of some of the world's largest trade shows, including the largest electronics and mobile electronics export sourcing shows in Hong Kong.

  • With roots dating back to its inception as the trade magazine Asian Sources in 1971, Global Sources boasts over 49 years of experience in the wholesale trade industry.

  • Access to a list of upcoming and popular trade shows, providing additional networking opportunities.


Established in 2002, 4WholesaleUSA is an uncomplicated and user-friendly B2B directory showcasing an array of US-based wholesalers, manufacturers, and closeout suppliers across more than 50 primary categories, including electronics, apparel, jewellery, giftware, housewares, and more. Whether you operate as a small online retailer or a large big-box store, 4WholesaleUSA offers an extensive network of suppliers to accommodate diverse business needs. The platform, free of membership fees and equipped with full contact information, enables buyers to swiftly identify top US suppliers and initiate direct sourcing.

Key features of 4WholesaleUSA:

  • A substantial network of highly-rated US wholesale suppliers.

  • Full company contact information, including addresses, for transparent and direct communication.

  • Well-suited for both big-box stores and small retailers, catering to businesses of varying sizes.

  • Access to unique closeout, surplus, and liquidation sources for diverse product options.

  • An extensive directory of local US-held flea markets, providing additional sourcing opportunities.


Established in 2017, Faire is a rapidly expanding online wholesale marketplace designed to connect small business owners and retailers with independent brands for seamless wholesale transactions. Boasting a membership exceeding 100,000 and featuring a diverse array of established brands, Faire is swiftly transforming the landscape of the wholesale trading market. The platform covers an extensive range of categories, from home decor to food, drinks, jewellery, toys, and pet supplies, offering products with no minimum order requirements.

Key features of Faire:

  • An established wholesale marketplace with over 100,000 members.

  • Thousands of leading brands provide a wide array of low-cost products.

  • An intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate website, facilitating a user-friendly experience.

  • Straightforward free shipping and net 60 terms for enhanced flexibility.

  • Full product details, including minimum order values and suggested retail prices (MSRPs), alongside professional product images for efficient sourcing.

  • Recognized by notable publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, and WWD for its impactful presence in the industry.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands stands as a high-end repository featuring over 16 million certified wholesale products and a multitude of verified suppliers. With a single membership fee, buyers unlock complete access to the directory, enabling direct trading and communication with leading B2B companies for negotiating prices and establishing trade deals. Leveraging over two decades of experience in the wholesale industry, Worldwide Brands has been connecting buyers with suppliers since its establishment in 1999.


A premier online B2B fashion marketplace that facilitates connections between wholesale vendors and online retailers worldwide. Showcasing an extensive array of high-quality clothing items, the platform includes t-shirts, dresses, trousers, skirts, and underwear, along with a diverse range of shoes and fashion accessories catering to men, women, babies, toddlers, and kids.


Contemporary online wholesale marketplace and B2B trading platform designed for sourcing distinctive products for your online store or retail shop. Showcasing a vast array of quality products across various major categories, including jewellery, homeware, pet supplies, and beauty accessories. The platform also offers the convenience of free shipping and NET 60 payment terms.


A global wholesale trading platform specialising in bankrupt, surplus, and liquidation stock, along with a variety of general wholesale products. The platform offers bulk lots and one-off jobs of electronics, clothing, toys, jewellery, furniture, food, and more. Trusted by over 30,000 users in more than 150 countries worldwide.


A long-standing wholesale marketplace offering a diverse selection of over 250,000 unique wholesale items, spanning homeware, jewellery, kitchenware, beauty accessories, pet supplies, clothing, and more. Ideal for various businesses, including small retail stores, boutiques, spas, salons, pet shops, gift stores, and market traders. Notable features include flexible 6-month financing options and NET 90 payment terms.

Direct Liquidation

A dedicated liquidation auction marketplace offering a broad selection of bankrupt, surplus, and liquidated stock sourced from major national retailers and manufacturers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The platform hosts numerous live auctions showcasing small lots, bulk lots, pallets, and truckloads of electronics, furniture, homeware, toys, and more.

Go Wholesale

Go Wholesale operates as a US-based online marketplace specialising in sourcing "refurbished, reconditioned, and overstock products from premium brands." While its primary focus is on consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops, the platform also features items in categories such as clothing and furniture.

The majority of Go Wholesale's business is conducted with major companies like Walmart. However, interested sellers can apply to offer their products through the platform. Wholesalers are obligated to ship their items to one of the 13 North American warehouses designated by Go Wholesale. Subsequently, the platform takes charge of fulfilment in exchange for a commission. Buyers have the option to either instantly purchase items or submit an offer.


Connect with an audience of 50,000 active buyers in the US, UK, and Europe by showcasing your items on the online wholesale marketplace, Creoate. This platform specialises in home, lifestyle, and outdoor products, and in return for a 15% commission on each order, it covers the costs of shipping and duties.

For retailers, one of the notable advantages of sourcing inventory through Create is its streamlined return process. If you acquire inventory from wholesale suppliers that proves challenging to resell, you can simply return the items to Create within 60 days for a refund.


Discover products from major retailers such as Walmart and CVS using the RangeMe wholesale marketplace. Utilise insights from Instagram and Nielsen category sales data to identify trending products, ensuring that your inventory is strategically positioned to attract trend-savvy shoppers.


Mable is a B2B wholesale marketplace designed specifically for food and beverage brands, emphasising support for local businesses. Through this platform, you can engage in buying and selling inventory while fostering community collaboration among store owners. Mable operates on a 12.5% commission for new wholesale accounts.


Engage in the trade of wholesale products in India using the B2B marketplace TradeIndia. Additionally, benefit from the platform's regular hosting and participation in trade shows, catering to the preferences of a majority of B2B buyers who appreciate hybrid and in-person sales approaches.


What is a wholesale buyer?

A wholesale buyer is a person or business who has expertise within a specific market. They use this knowledge to order products that are a good fit for their distribution EG chain of retail stores, from brands.

What is the difference between a wholesale buyer and a retail buyer?

Wholesale buying is a B2B transaction. It is where a business, EG a shop, will buy from a wholesaler. Retail buying is a B2C transaction. EG when a consumer will buy from a shop.

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