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Where to sell my clearance joblot of stock?

Updated: Jan 19

Top 8 Places to Sell Your Clearance Joblots of Stock

LIquidation Stock Buyers

Liquidators are a good place to go for this, as they boast many skills in buying and selling bulk stock due to dealing with liquidated stock so much. Whilst Liquidation stock buyers may have an easy and efficient solution for you, if you are trying to make a profit from your stock, they may not be a good option. Because they buy stock to resell on, they usually have to buy below cot price, otherwise they may aswell import the products themselves. Whilst they may not pay the most, they usually offer a fat service, clearing your stock and freeing up space in your warehouse. Pink Liquidation is an example of a good liquidator, offering a simple and quick time to respond and being able to pick up your stock within 24 hours. Sell your stock to Pink Liquidation today by filling in the form on our "Sell your stock" page.

Online Marketplaces

If you can’t work with the reduced prices that liquidators offer, online marketplaces are a good place to check out. These marketplaces have some of the biggest audiences you can find as they are the easiest to enter and the most convenient for almost anyone. This gives the benefit of having many more people to sell your clearance joblots to, even for niches. While these are amazing things to have, not everything is perfect, and many marketplaces will take a cut of the money you make as a charge for using their service. For many businesses this still may be the best option but, since your joblot is already on clearance, it may get to a point where there’s no reason to go for it as you have already reduced your price. One online marketplace that we would recommend is eBay, this is because it has a great reach, with people already buying and selling joblots on there daily!


If you have a large local market or carboot, this may be a great place to sell joblots. The cot to sell at one of these markets is usually very cheap, meaning it's a great and cheap way to sell your clearance stock. One downside to selling at carboots is the fact that everyone is looking for a bargain, meaning that you may get some silly offers on your products! And may not get the most amount of money for your stock. Whilst this need to be considered, there's still the benefits of being able to sell your joblot's quickly, easily and cheaply. Simply head on down to your local market and get selling! With no item fees like selling online.

Similar Businesses

Sometimes, it’s best to not let people come to you, but rather go to people and trying to sell instead. This can be done by trying to find similar businesses to take your joblot instead. This has the benefit of being able to decide exactly who should take your joblot, allowing you to take the best opportunity possible and often meaning the best price possible. This does also come with its set of drawbacks, as having to do all the legwork for a better price does take time, and may lead to the same or worse effort/profit that you’d get from some of the other ways we’ve already mentioned. Due to this, it can only be recommended in certain circumstances, so you have to way up these points yourself depending on what your business is currently doing.

Approach Brands for Partnership

Your joblot could also be sold not to, but with the help of another business. Partnerships with brands can be a harder endeavour, but if done right it can be one of the most lucrative ones you could go for. First, you’d have to find a profitable business that deals with your target market. Second, you’d have to prove to them that a partnership is the best route for you to go down. Third, you have to manage to get the product sold (although this can often be the easiest). This does have an effort=output rule applied to it though, as this not only increases your joblots reach, having it sold much quicker than you ever could with other methods, but also increases the worth of your joblot, meaning much more money flowing for you to work with.

Hold a Clearance Event for Your Customers

A clearance event can be good if you have your market already pinned and coming back for more. Under a situation like this, clearance can give your market the motivation to come in and pick up all your stock. This can be even further motivation other than the price decrease, as clearance stock is gone once it’s sold, so some people would simply buy it in the fear of missing out. While this is a powerful tool, it works best with a business that has been going strong for a while and knows who and where to get its market from and can do so efficiently, and not so much for a newer business still establishing itself within a market.

Hold an Auction

If you really can’t get it sold, then auctions are some of the easiest ways to get it gone fast. Auctions give you a much larger, though sometimes not marketable to, audience as they are often hosted alongside others which people are interested in. Having an auction can also allow the potential buyers to have more choice on what they’d pay for it. For some this would be bad but once one person has bet it’s guaranteed to be sold. Overall, this should be viewed as a choice, but one to be used once others have failed first as the floor for how much you can make out of one can often be very low.

Throwing Away

If through all that you still can’t get it gone, you could resort to using the stock itself as a marketing strategy. Using the clearance stock as freebies to give away to customers makes them want to come back more often to buy from you, often making them patriotic to your business. While this does not directly make you money from the products, it makes you sell much more often through either repeat customers or good word of mouth. Doing this also allows you to sell the rest of the joblot using methods we’ve listed previously as it means you have more customers willing to buy it from you.


What is the cost of excess inventory?

Excess inventory costs can be evaluated in many ways, but the main factor is how much there is of it. Storage costs are a big part of keeping excess inventory, so if you have a whole storage unit full of it then your money is going to be in trouble. Although, you sometimes may be able to counteract the cost of keeping the inventory with the profits that would be made by selling the stock. The cost itself may be a flat amount depending on how much there is, but a smart businessman would also take into account the profit that can be made from it and choose to either keep or replace it accordingly.

How do you value joblots?

The value of joblots is dependent on many factors, but they can be combined into two umbrella terms, the cost of the joblot, and the profit made by selling them. Figuring out both values takes some thought though. Cost can be worked out with the cost of buying and keeping the joblot, with the cost of keeping needing an estimate of how long you’re going to have to pay to keep the stock in something like a storage unit. Profit will simply be an estimation of how much you could make from the sale of the joblot, although to make this estimate you will need knowledge of past sales of similar joblots.

Where should you sell joblots?

In terms of country, it’s heavily recommended that you stick with where you’re based as shipping to other countries can be extremely costly. For ranges within that, it depends on how you’re getting the stock there. Shipping can be pretty pricey, so if it’s being sent out it’s recommended to keep in mind what costs the business is able to take. If you’re taking it there personally, then you should be able to cover significantly more ground for much cheaper, at the cost of your own time.

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