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If you have excess, surplus, liquidated or bankrupt stock. We’ll buy your stock, and pay you within 24 hours. Fill in our form to Initiate the process.

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Stock clearance buyers

What’s the point of stock clearance buyers?

Many businesses find themselves stuck with too much stock, whether it be from buying too much or sales going down, but don’t worry as we've got a solution that can get it gone fast. Dealing with end-of-line clearance stock can be a bit of a headache as you have to deal with the cost of something that’s making no money, but we've got a way out with stock clearance buyers.

Where can I find stock clearance buyers?

Feeling lost on where to find these stock clearance buyers? Here at Pink Liquidation, we can take stock clearance off your hands. Our company is all about being those stock clearance buyers, looking to take whatever surplus stock you've got. Bankrupt stock, damaged goods, closeout inventory, surplus inventory, liquidation stock, and just the general excess stock. We're the clearance buyers you need.

Pink Liquidation is your go-to platform to sell your aged inventory. We're good at turning those bad deals into cash for you. We've got a reputation built on offering not just good, but the best prices, plus we've got good customer service and a process that's streamlined.

What’s the process to sell my clearance stock? 

Now, if you're interested, feel free to sell your excess inventory to our company, simply just fill out the form. Once we get your email, our team of stock clearance buyers will kickstart the inquiry process. Don't forget to mention any stock restrictions in the additional notes. 

How do you value stock?

Curious about how we value your stock? We're ready to purchase products in varying quantities. Small, large, bulk amounts, packaged, or not. Whether you've got lots of containers or just a few boxes of surplus stock. While we’ll still take it, we may value it less if it's a lower quantity.

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