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30 places to buy liquidation and return pallets in the UK

Updated: Jan 7

Are you looking to get into selling liquidated and return pallets in the UK? Stock from retailers is constantly getting returned, and you can use this to make yourself some extra money selling it.

One of the biggest, and well known sources of these are Amazon return pallets. When items are returned, instead of holding excess stock, Amazon and other online shops will sell these at a bulk pallet price to distributors.

You can take advantage of these Liquidation pallets and make a good earning on them.

Here’s where you can find them in the UK

pallets stacked on top of each other

Liquidation Pallets UK

What can you expect to find in your pallet?

You can expect a huge variety: returned goods, surplus stock, shop clearance, end of line, overstocks and more.

Some sellers list the Manifests whilst others have blind sales/bids. It just depends on which pallet wholesalers UK that you are buying from. Still expect to pay as little as 5% of the total RRP value.

Top 30 places to buy liquidation pallets

Lots of companies offer cheap liquidation pallets UK:

What should you watch out for?

Check the grades of the items, make sure all items are not going to arrive broken. Just note, even though the site says one grade, what arrives may be completely different.

Some pallets may even come with faulty goods on.

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How much are Amazon liquidation pallets UK?

You can usually expect to pay around £100-£3000 for an amazon pallet. Although other liquidation pallets in the UK, such as those which contain surplus/overstocked new goods may be more expensive as they predominantly contain brand new wholesale stock.

Does amazon sell pallets?

No, Amazon does not sell pallets to the public. Only to their distributors.

Can you make money off of return pallets?

Unlike brand new liquidation pallets, return pallets can be a bit of a gamble. But yes, inspected and bought for the right price. There’s plenty of money to be made selling amazon return pallets.

Where to buy amazon UK return pallets?

They can be bought from sites like Bstock, other sites such as Pink Liquidation sell Liquidation pallets, which are similar to Bstock return pallets, but all items are brand new.

Can you make money buying liquidation pallets?

Yes, there is money to be made, but also money to be lost. You could buy a pallet for £200 and flip it into £800 by selling the items individually. But you could also buy another pallet for £200 and only get back £100. The way to get around this would be to only buy manifested pallets.

How do I get liquidation pallets?

Simply buy a pallet from one of the companies listed within our top 30 places to buy liquidation pallets list.

Is buying return pallets worth it?

Yes, liquidation pallets can be highly profitable if done right. As long as you do not mind a bit of elbow grease, you can make it work.

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