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How to choose the right excess stock buyer

When choosing an excess stock buyer the main factors that you want to look out for are:

  • Speed

  • Price

  • Trustworthiness

In this blog we are going to explore the highest rated excess stock buyer for our main factors.

Who is the fastest Excess stock buyer?

The fastest excess stock buyer is Pink Liquidation. With an average response time of 19 minutes to stock sale forms. They are head and shoulders above the competition. A lot of excess stock buyers will just simply not get back to you, with some publicly stating they will take 24-48 hours to get back to you. What kind of service is this!

Which excess stock buyer pays the most?

Sell Stock publicly claims that they pay the most out of all excess stock buyers. Whilst they make this claim, this is a very hard statement to prove. As every excess stock buyer has different niche’s that they are strongest in. 

To test this, we emailed them from the email we found attached to . However, we did not hear back from them. So whilst they may make this claim, we can not confirm it.

Who is the most trustworthy excess stock buyer?

To assess this, we looked at the google reviews of excess stock buyers. 

From our search we found that the top rated excess stock buyers had on average 23 reviews, with an average star rating of 2.9 stars. This is crazily low!

The best rated excess stock buyer that we found from our search was Pink Liquidation, coming in at 55 5 star reviews. Just over double the average top rated excess stock buyer.

This makes Pink Liquidation the most trustworthy excess stock buyer out of the top rated google review excess stock buyers that appeared within our search.

Who is the best excess stock buyer?

Coming in first place is Pink Liquidation, as they were the top rated excess stock buyer in 2 out of our 3 searches. To sell your stock to Pink Liquidation, click here.

What stock does Pink Liquidation purchase?

As excess stock buyers, we know that managing excess inventory can be a challenge. Sometimes you end up with more products than you can sell, or the demand for your items changes unexpectedly. That's where excess stock buyers like us come in. We specialise in purchasing surplus goods, whether it's food nearing its expiration date, overstocked electronics, or liquidated stock. Our goal is to help businesses like yours free up valuable space and generate cash flow by buying their excess stock.

We understand that holding onto excess inventory can lead to losses and cash flow problems. That's why we offer a simple solution: sell your surplus stock to us. Whether you're looking to clear out old inventory to make room for new products or simply need to offload items that aren't selling, we're here to help. Our team is experienced in buying and selling all kinds of goods, and we're available seven days a week to assist you.

By selling your excess stock to us, you can avoid the hassle of managing and storing unwanted inventory while also generating much-needed revenue for your business. Plus, with our competitive pricing and transparent process, you can trust that you're getting a fair deal every time. So if you've got surplus stock sitting around, don't wait any longer. Get in touch with us today and let's turn your excess inventory into cash!

How do I sell my unwanted stock?

Our company provides a comprehensive solution for businesses with surplus stock, encompassing discontinued items, excess inventory, liquidation goods, salvage materials, and more. We specialise in acquiring abandoned stock from various commercial and residential settings, simplifying the process for sellers.

Selling your excess stock to us is straightforward. Contact us today, and our team will swiftly evaluate your consignment, ensuring you receive a competitive offer. We deliver a fast and reliable service, exceeding the offerings of other companies while providing fair prices for your unwanted inventory.

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