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Top 11 websites to sell overstock inventory

Updated: Apr 29

The top 11 places to sell overstock inventory are:

Pink Liquidation

Based in the UK, Pink Liquidation is a trusted leader in surplus inventory liquidation, with over five years of industry experience, they are a great avenue to sell overstock inventory. Known for its efficient liquidation process, they prioritise rapid responsiveness, boasting an average turnaround time of less than an hour for stock sale inquiries. With nationwide collection available within 24 hours, Pink Liquidation provides a convenient solution for selling overstock inventory. Simply fill out the stock selling form on their website by clicking here


Sell Stock is a rising presence in the UK liquidation market, offering exceptional service and a wide array of stock categories, from clothing and homewares to toys and garden products. They specialise in trading various types of stock and excel in providing solutions to sell overstock inventory efficiently.


Established in 2017 and located in Blanchemaille by Euratechnologies, in the former premises of La Redoute in Roubaix, Stocklear is a B2B marketplace solution focused on overstocks. With over 12,500 buyers already onboard, Stocklear provides a platform to efficiently sell surplus inventory.

Zero stock

With over 12 years of experience in bulk trade, they have served over 10,000 customers and 850 suppliers, ensuring seamless handling of their stock. As a dynamic company, they have earned industry recognition and maintain direct communication channels, providing swift responses within 24 hours. 

Auction sites

UK Auction websites offer a powerful avenue for stock liquidation, leveraging their broad audience reach and fast transaction capabilities. Sellers enjoy flexibility in pricing and bidding processes, maintaining control over stock valuation. Overall, auction platforms provide a convenient and efficient route for inventory liquidation, ensuring swift transactions and maximising efficiency.

Sell Inventory

Sell Inventory specialises in developing tailored inventory liquidation plans to alleviate the strain of excess stock on businesses. Their comprehensive services include liquidating overstock, managing reverse logistics and customer returns, closing-out products, and asset recovery, including bankruptcy preparation. 

Brennan Atkinson

If you're a manufacturer, importer, or distributor grappling with overstock challenges and seeking to sell inventory, look no further. With nearly 50 years of industry leadership in the UK and mainland Europe, they pride themselves on swift decision-making and a reputation for professionalism and trustworthiness.


Merchandise, with over 35 years of experience, is a trusted closeout buyer and excess inventory liquidator based in Chicago, IL. Boasting 100,000 square feet of distribution space, they specialise in purchasing closeouts and overstock inventory of any scale. 

We Buy Any Stock

We Buy Any Stock is Europe's foremost wholesale clearance specialist, dedicated to all forms of inventory liquidation. With a name that reflects their commitment, they excel in purchasing various types of stock and boast extensive expertise in the field. 

Just make it go away

Their export-focused approach ensures that your surplus and waste products find new life in international markets, avoiding competition with domestic production. By facilitating the shipment of less desirable materials overseas, they help streamline your ISO 14001 waste management, keeping your facilities clean and warehouses current.

Selling excess inventory

As a local inventory liquidator serving Greater Metropolitan Chicago, IL, they prioritise delivering a swift, equitable, and hassle-free experience. Whether you have truckloads of overstock or just a few boxes of inventory, they specialise in turning obsolete merchandise into cash, alleviating your concerns.


Where can I sell extra inventory?

You could attempt to market the items on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Poshmark. Although this approach may take some time. A quicker solution would be to use a Liquidator such as Pink Liquidation to buy your stock today.

Why is overstocking bad?

Overstocking ties up your capital, meaning that you can’t reinvest into new stock. As Well as taking up your valuable warehouse space, reducing the amount of new products that you can store. This results in you having less capital, and less storage space, resulting in lost revenues.

Why do businesses purposely overstock their inventory?

Businesses often overstock to anticipate seasonal demand fluctuations. For instance, retailers may accumulate inventory before peak seasons such as Christmas, festivals, or seasonal changes such as summer to winter. Another major reason is Amazon overstock.

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