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If you have excess, surplus, liquidated or bankrupt stock. We’ll buy your stock, and pay you within 24 hours. Fill in our form to Initiate the process.

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Stock buyers

How can I get rid of end of line stock?

Many businesses find themselves with a bit too much stock, and guess what? We've got the perfect solution to turn those items into smiles and cash! Regardless of why you've got those extra goods, we get it—handling end-of-line clearance stock can be a headache, especially when storage costs start creeping up. But worry not, because we've got the ideal solution for you—selling your surplus stock to stock buyers!

Where can I find stock buyers?

Feeling a bit unsure about where to find such stock buyers? Well, here we are, your trusted partners. Our company is more than thrilled to be your go-to stock buyers, interested in acquiring all kinds of surplus stock! Yes, you heard it right—bankrupt stock, damaged goods, closeout inventory, surplus inventory, liquidation stock, and just about any general excess stock you've got.


We're the enthusiastic stock buyers you've been looking for. Our expertise lies in turning those not-so-perfect goods into pure cash for you! We've built our fantastic reputation on delivering not just good, but the best prices, coupled with exceptional customer service and a streamlined process. Because when it comes to enthusiastic stock buyers, we're the champions!

How can I sell to Pink Liquidation?

Now, if you're interested in joining our process, feel free to sell your excess inventory to our company. Just refer to the provided form by pressing ‘sell your stock’ and add the necessary contact info. Once our stock buyers receive your email, our team of stock buyers will kickstart the inquiry process. Oh, and don't forget to let us know about any stock restrictions in the additional notes—we want this to be the best deal for you!

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